Infant Nutrition : For One Year Olds

Being new to parenthood is not a simple task. You have to give your undivided attention to your child. This is more critical when the child is a one year old and is starting to identify the environment around him/her. But, giving your attention to your one year old’s activities is not enough. In fact, you have to be very concerned about the nutrition he/she is given. The infant stage of a child means that the child requires so much nutrition. You need to make sure your child is given the necessary healthy start. Here’s what you need to know.

Breast feeding – first 6 months

Breast milk contains the mandatory nutrient for every newborn. That is why every mother should give their child breast milk in the first stage. It contains all the necessary nutrients. This is what develops and help the child to grow. It also gives the child’s immunity system the necessary boost. That is why it is a well known fact that breast milk help fight diseases. But, simply giving breast milk is not enough. The mother should be concerned about her food intake as well. What she eats and drinks is passed on to the breast milk. Start off when you are pregnant. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other toxins. Try to intake organic food as much as possible. Including a pregnant mother formula Australia can be quite beneficial as well. Continue a healthy diet throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breastmilk will provide the necessary nutrients for the infant during his/her first six months. But, there might be some cases where the infant might require supplementation. Do not hesitate to see your pediatrician regarding such issues.

Solid food – Months 6 – 12

Until the baby is about six months he/she wont be able to intake any sort of solid food. When the baby comes to a stage where he/she is able to move around, sit, hold their heads straight and when they are at the right weight, you can offer food items. Start off by offering food slowly along with breast milk. Make sure the food items are in a stage similar to liquid. Remember, the infant is not in a stage to chew food. Take your time the introducing new food. Don’t rush things. Also, you need to be on the look for any negative reactions. Introducing a delicious toddler milk as you go by can boost the nutrition level as well.